About Us

Vanda is an International Science Competition held annually around the globe. It focuses on the student’s ability to think critically and creatively to pick out hidden information to aid them in solving the question.

Vanda is for students from Grade 3 to Grade 10. It follows closely with the Singapore School Science Syllabus and tests students’ based on their level of content that they have learned. This allows participants to do better compared to pure-Olympiad papers since they are familiar with some of the questions.

With realistic and high standards, Vanda’s contests aim to expose more students to Science Competitions and invoke their love for science. It will help them improve in school sciences as well as higher-order thinking skills (HOTS).

Contest Info


Section A:

Question 1 to 10: +2 / 0 / −1 point for correct/no/wrong answer respectively

Section B:

Question 11 to 20: +3 / 0 / 0 point for correct/no /wrong answer respectively

Application Question Section:

Question 21, 22 and 23: +3 points for correct answer, 0 points for wrong and no answer.

Question 24 and 25: +4 points for correct answer, 0 points for wrong and no answer.


Primary 3 to JC 2 (Grade 3 to 12)

Contest Date

School Candidates: April 8, 2020 to July 31, 2020
Private Candidates: July 26, 2020


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